After years of finding that conventional treatments didnt always meed the needs of his patients and clients Dr Mark Neilan did post
graduate studies through RMIT and became qualified as an Animal Chiropractor.  He now finds that the combination of veterinary and
chiropractic skills allow him to provide a wider range of treatment options for patients.
Veterinary chiropractic, also known as animal chiropractic, is the practice of spinal manipulation or manual therapy for animals. The
goal of an animal chiropractor is to restore function and mobility to the compromised vertebra in an effort to re-establish neurologic
transmissions. This allows the body to perform at its optimum potential. Mark uses his hands to identify areas of restriction; and
once identified, he applies a precise thrust on the immobile anatomical structures. This treatment restores the normal motion of the
vertebra thus removing neurological interference. When the nerves can efficiently communicate with all the structures in your
animals’ bodies, they will begin to heal from within.

Animal Chiropractic is not meant to replace traditional veterinary care. It is not an alternative treatment, but rather an integrative
method that when used in conjunction with good traditional veterinary care, will provide years of happy and healthy living. It is an
effective and valuable means of restoring and maintaining their strength, vigor and well-being. And by exploring and treating the root
causes of your animal’s aches, pains and illnesses, will ensure maximum improvement, top performance and an exceptional quality of
life for the animal companions we love.

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