Equine Facility

The team at Animal Clinic Maffra are very pleased to announce that we have established an equine facility at 480 Stratford - Maffra
Rd, Maffra to better service the equine industry. We are focusing on therapy based solutions while also offering our usual top service
veterinary care. We will be offering a limited number of places for AI and foaling down and while concentrating on providing a range of
treatment options at our new facility, we will assist, as best we can, any patients that can't be transported to us. Clients willing to
transport patients to us will receive a discount.
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Equine Sports Therapy
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The clinic at 33 Queen St will operate in the same capacity as it
is now, servicing our small animal clients. We are looking forward
to  our new project and hope that we can help the equine
industry to healthier, happier horses.
Many thanks to the following businesses that did an outstanding job at our new facility.

                                               Dale Pendergast - Builder, 0427 599 224
                                               Kane House Fencing
                                               Thompson Timber, Saddlery and Grain
                                               Justin and Pete - Brown/Wigg Maffra
                                               Rob Jager - Eagle Point Excavations
                                                Maffra Web Design 
                                               Brett and Brenton - Marathon Electrical
                                               Heyfield Signs